Any one of you who has a sister or knows of someone who has a sister must be aware of the special bond there is between them. It stands as the next best thing to a mother-daughter relationship.

They are usually best friends as well.  At least mine is.  We like a lot of the same things and have a standing joke that we secretly must be twins.  We often say the same thing at the same time. We enjoy each others company, but like any close relationship, there must be a time and space set apart for certain times when we need to be alone or with someone else.

I wanted to dedicate a page to this relationship and be able to share stories, poems, articles and graphics regarding the relationship of sisters.

You may copy any of what apears here, but please do not use them for anything but home use.  There may be some copright issues involved.  I do not own the rights to anything that appears on this page and I don't know who does.  I will let you know if something that appears here is of my construction and belongs to me.  If anyone finds that I have infringed on someone's copyright laws, please email me and let me know.  I will remove anything that is not approved of.
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