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"Sometimes you need someone who'll listen...  Sometimes you need someone who'll smile...  Sometimes you need someone who cares about you to just be around for a while...   Sometimes you need someone who'll help you...  Sometimes you need someone who'll share...  And those are the times when you can depend on a mom to always be there"
I miss my mother so much, that I can't even fully describe the loss to anyone, even my sister. And although we talk alot about her, I know she feels the same way.  If you are really lucky in this lifetime, your best friend will have been your mother.  There is a bond between mother and daughter that transcends anything written about the relationship.  Although, we did have our moments, when individuality won out and we didn't agree on something, I have the most fondest memories of our short time together. We may have had almost 45 years together, but, we  might have had another 20 more.
Those of you who still have mothers living, please, don't lose contact with them. If you have to give an inch to get your relationship back to that of a close one, do so now.  Otherwise, you will regret it to your dying day.  If you love anything in this life, remember, that is a direct result of your mother loving you. Take that first step. Tell her that you love her, you may never be able to again. Luckily, my mother heard those words from me right before she left us. But, she had, after all, been hearing them from me all her life.
No woman can truly see herself without seeing some part of her mother too.
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