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Hi everyone.  It's another year in which I hope that you and your loved ones are doing well.  I love decorating my home, work and this web page with fun stuff.  Although most of my pages will contain topics such as cats, geneology, and graphics, I always try to keep up with the holidays and seasons.  You may use my graphics on your own personal non-commercial web page or with your home craft projects. The geneology will contain information regarding my family ancestry. The angel shown above looks a lot like my mother did when she was a young girl. She is my own personal guardian angel.
Shown below are doorways to these various realms.  Go ahead.
Step on through the door. You might like what you find there.
My Geneology
United We Stand
Listed below are a few links to some sites I think are really cool.
I will be listing alot more as I build my homepage.
Card Fountain. Com
Internet post card
Angel Winks post card
Fireworks all the time
Fun game site
Various live webcam sites
Hurricane & storm tracking
Ask an expert anything
Askme help desk
Kaleidoscope Painter
Please bookmark my page and visit me once in a while to check for updates.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please send me a note via e-mail.