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Eva Marriner
William Spade married
Eva Mary Elizabeth Marriner about 1900
George Love married Grace Frazier
about 1900
George Love married
Florence Spade  1926
Emma Page
Richard and Elizabeth Marriner
I have always been interested in where I came from.  I used to love to sit at my grandfather's knee to listen to all his stories.  Of course, I can't remember any of them and I was too young to think of writing them down.  When I got older, and unfortunately after my grandfather (Papa) died, I would ask my grandmother (Nana) who her parents were and where did they come from.
She didn't seem to remember much because her mother was fairly old when she had my Nana and her siblings (Harry, Bill and Winnie).  She told me that her mother came from England and her name was Eva Mary Elizabeth Marriner.  However, she wasn't really sure in what order all her names came. Her father was William Spade who was born in Pennsylvania.  Eva's first husband was Clarence Lemmon.  Her children by that marriage were George, Cecile and Grace.  They first lived in Shickley, Nebraska, then after Clarence  died, they moved to Lincoln, Nebraska.  She then married William Spade who had once been a neighbor of Eva's in Shickley.

Eva's parents were Richard Marriner and Emma Page.  They  were apparently not married to each other, as records show that Richard was married to Emma's sister, Elizabeth Page.  My nana wrote down that Emma was born in Wimbledon, England and Richard was born in 1845 in Kent England.  But I have since found that Richard was born in 1839 and Emma was probably born in Down Ampney in 1845.  I am currently trying to solve the mystery about Eva's parentage.

My grandfather's parents were George Love who was born in Iowa and Grace Frazier who was born in Missouri.  My grandfather's siblings were Philip, Robert, Murray, John Wayne and Alice. George's parents were Thomas Smith Love, born in 1822 and died in 1907, and Mary Lickliter, born in 1836 and died in 1902.  Grace's parents were Alfred Kelly Frazier and Mary Catherine Sturgis.   I have traced the Loves back to Ireland.

The above is the line for my mother Helen Love who married George W. Anderson.  His mother's line is well documented in a book his sister, Georgia Cook George, wrote titled, The Melendy Family in America 1701-1981.   If anyone wishes to know if any of their line is mentioned in the book, just email me with the names you want me to look up.

I know I will never be able to do what she accomplished, but I would like to give it a try.  Right now, I can't do alot because I work, but I hope to devote much more time when I retire in a year or so.  I will be adding the bits and pieces as I go along, and of course will develop this site much more.

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