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If man could be crossed with the cat, it would
improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat.
Mark Twain  (1835-1910)
I hope my web page will be fun and exciting for those of you who love cat graphics and other cat sites.  I have collected cat graphics from various sources and some I have created myself from the collections I have.   I am showing some of them from my collection.  I have been collecting for so long that I can't remember where I got some of my graphics. So, if you feel that I have broken any copyright laws by showing graphics that belong to someone else, I apologize and ask that you please email me and I will remove them right away. So, have fun, they are for your personal use, not for commercial use. Please do not link them to any other pages.  Also, don't forget to bookmark this page as I will be updating it periodically throughout the year.
I just love cats and I hope you do too. Or if you don't, I hope my page will help you to discover the wonderful world of cats. My family has had cats as far back as I can remember. I can remember different times of my life by remembering what cats we had at the time.

Well, currently I own 7 cats. They are all strays that I found at my work and I had them spayed and then brought them home.  Unfortunately, no one else wanted them. I would never have come to this situation if pet owners would take responsibility for their animals and get them spayed or neutered.  There have been millions of homeless animals in the United States and most are euthanized every day.

I have heard all the excuses for not spaying these animals such as "I don't want to hurt my pet", "she will be a better cat after she has at least one litter" or "all you need to do is fix the females, not the males".  Let me know if you have heard a better one. Please, everyone, let's reduce the animal population. Just think, wouldn't it be great if all the "animal shelters" only held animals that were being taken care of until their owners were found, not because someone would never show up and they were waiting to be put to sleep?

If you have any suggestions about the content on this page, please send me a note. I want to make this page a fun and informational site for everyone.
Sweet talk artist, malcontent,
quiet little innocent,
   Agile gymnast, silly clown,
with cheshire grin
or solemn frown.
Busybody, stay-at-home,
fearless hunter free to roam,
Alley-fighter, diplomat...
so many faces has the cat.
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